Collection: Beer Index

  • Reality Czeck
    Pint of Reality Czeck Pilsner
  • Death & Taxes
    Pint of Death & Taxes Black Beer
  • Reality Czeck Case
    Case of Reality Czeck Pilsner
  • Bombay By Boat
    Pint of Bombay By Boat India Pale Ale
  • Death & Taxes Case
    Case of Death & Taxes Black Beer
  • Serial Delusion
    4 Pack of Serial Delusion Pale Ale
  • Rhythmic Chaos
  • Homegrown
    Pint of Homegrown Wet Hop Ale with hop stem sitting atop
  • Tipple
    Pint of Tipple Wet Hop Winter Ale
  • Toast "Slightly Burnt"
    Pint of Toast Slightly Burnt Aged Lager
  • Black To Reality
    Pint of Black to Reality Black Pilsner beer
  • Dim Lights
    Pint of Dim Lights Gently Smoked Lager
  • Arlos' Daydream Maibock-Style Lager
    Pint of Arlos' Daydream Maibock-Style Lager
  • Wax & Wane
    Can of Wax and Wane English-Style Pale Ale
  • Twist of Fate
    Pint of Twist of Fate Red Ale
  • Calcutta By Clipper
    Pint of Calcutta By Clipper Pale Ale
  • Wee Nibble Petite Saison
    Pint of Wee Nibble Petite Saison-Style Ale
  • Paternal Instinct
    Pint of Paternal Instinct Dry Hopped Pilsner
  • Side of Rice Case
    Case of Side of Rice Rice Lager
  • Working For Tips
    Pint of Working For Tips Redwood Ale
  • Side of Rice
    Pint of Side of Rice Rice Lager


During the fermentation process to all our beers, we add an enzyme called Clarity Ferm. This enzyme assists in breaking down the gluten in each batch. It should be noted that we don’t send every batch of beer to the lab for analysis, therefore we cannot label our beer as “Certified Gluten Reduced”. However we do receive many testimonials from gluten-sensitive individuals who have been able to enjoy a pint of Moonlight Brewing beer and have very little to no reaction.