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Wax & Wane English Style Pale Ale is out now!

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In the Eye of the Beerholder

“We think of our beers as elegant and balanced,” says Erin Latham-Ponneck, chaos management specialist and adult in charge—a.k.a. general manager—at Santa Rosa’s Moonlight Brewing Company. Moonlight’s bold, simple designs make a marked distinction from many busier labels commonly found on other craft beers. “On a packed beer shelf our elegant and balanced labels stand out in a sea of loud, busy cans.”

Brian Hunt, founder and heart and soul of Moonlight adds, “One problem with ‘edgy’ is that when one goes too far, one falls off into the abyss of BS.” “We believe you should always have a sense of humor, hence our fun beer names,” she says. “We design as a team, always seeking input from all of our employees. It’s a collaborative process.” Creating together is a part of their company DNA.

Yeah it is! A big thanks to Mike Giotis and The Bohemian for showcasing us alongside a handful of other terrific Sonoma County breweries. Special thanks to the amazing team at Lemonstrike for helping us design our beautiful labels!

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