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Wax & Wane English Style Pale Ale is out now!

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Death & Taxes: One of the "Best 27 Beers" in 2022
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Death & Taxes: One of the "Best 27 Beers" in 2022

Big thanks to Kyle Roderick, Executive Vice President of Product at Next Glass for submitting our flagship black beer, Death & Taxes, as one of Hop Culture's best 27 beers of 2022!

Kyle says, "When I heard Sam Tierney at Firestone Walker’s Propagator say that some of his favorite beers were coming out of Moonlight earlier this year, I knew I had to get my hands on one the first chance I got."

"And it didn’t disappoint."

"Labeled as a 'San Francisco-Style Dark Lager,' Death & Taxes is a smooth, dark roast and iced coffee-forward dark lager that felt infinitely drinkable."

We agree, but hey, we're biased.

See the full list here.

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