Bleating Heart Cheese with Moonlight Brewing Beer

Here’s a pop quiz: Name five types of cheese made from buffalo’s milk. Struggling? Try two. Most of us can only think of one: buffalo milk mozzarella. We’re used to seeing those springy, alabaster rounds accompany tomatoes and basil in a Caprese salad, or maybe melted...

Brian Hunt of Moonlight Brewing Company

Ask Brian Hunt the most fundamental of questions—Why beer?—and his answer is surprisingly succinct: “Beer is real,” he says. “It’s an everyday beverage. It’s always relevant.” Hunt has been brewing commercially since before there was a craft brewing industry, and...

Press Democrat – Lagunitas Partnership

Less than a year after embarking on an unprecedented partnership with Heineken International to expand its global business, Lagunitas Brewing Co. is now turning its sights on local taprooms across the American craft beer landscape. The Petaluma-based brewery announced...

Beer Country: Brian Hunt, Moonlight Brewing Co. – Sonoma Mag

While other kids were playing baseball and learning to drive, Brian Hunt was busy brewing mead in his bedroom at age 15, inspired by an article in Scientific American Magazine. It didn’t matter that the ancient libation of fermented honey tasted “disgusting:” The seed...

Can you Brew Beer Without Hops?

Beer without hops? It sounds weird but on Brew Age this week, Brian Hunt from Moonlight Brewing explains how a tasty ale is created using redwood tips instead of hops.

TACB | Brian Hunt

A short, uncut, teaser from the upcoming documentary, The American Craft Brewer vol. 1 featuring Brian Hunt of Moonlight Brewing Co.

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